Lump Sum Investments

With interest rates very low in the banks, if you do have a surplus of cash, rather than leaving your money in the bank, the most effective wealth management solution is to use your lump sum of money and invest it wisely, that's where we come in. Your money has the chance to build and grow and all decisions will be taken in line with your personal risk assessment analysis.

We are unique in using the expertise and support of an independent firm of international pension technicians and actuaries; therefore, you can be sure our advice is in your very best interests. You can also benefit from the tax advantage of having your monies wrapped in an Onshore and or Offshore Bond; tax free growth.

Further on Investments

When an expatriate wishes to invest a lump sum of money, more often than not they will make use of what we call an offshore investment bond. This is the most popular form of offshore investment where you can make use of a wrapper in which you can hold a variety of investment funds such as unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs). Because the wrapper is based offshore, within an international investment centre, you have a huge range of different funds to choose from including:

  • Guaranteed return funds
  • Managed Futures Funds (these funds can make money whether the markets are going up or down)
  • Stock Market Linked – Developed and Emerging Markets
  • Commodities
  • Government and Corporate Bonds
  • Structured Products (this is where you give away some gain for certainty of the outcome – so a capped, but guaranteed return for example)
  • Plus many, many more

It is the job of our wealth managers to recommend, in consultation with you, which of the above, and in what proportion, are right for you. This is based upon, amongst other things, your attitude to risk and volatility, investment time horizon, investment experience and age (We have a number of Offshore Bond providers and based on your circumstances, we choose the one that best suits to you).

The offshore areas are a great way for someone to save for his or her retirement. Regarding where and when you will retire, this is very much dependent upon your situation at the time. It is often difficult to plan where and when one will retire and as such the flexibility that is a feature of international investment, means that we do not have to make this decision until we come to retire.

Offshore retirement plans are geographically portable so they are unaffected as you move to different places in the world. The plan stays in the same place, whilst you move around, all the time growing tax free. The perfect solution to any expatriates long term retirement investment needs.

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